Perth Training Dates

Perth training has one residential retreat and 5 non-residential retreats.  The first retreat (residential) will commence on Friday evening at 6pm.  All other retreats will start at 9am on the first day followed by 5am starts for Sadhana all other days of the retreat.

For more information download the Perth Information kit.

  • 19 – 23 May (Residential)
  • 16 – 17 June
  • 21 – 25 July
  • 18 – 23 August
  • 15 – 16 September
  • 18 – 21 October

Attend one full day of White Tantric Yoga held in Sydney on 6 October 2018 or internationally in Asia, Europe or the US (Cost not included in course fee).

This is a 220 hour course, which includes 180 hours of classroom instruction as well as homework which includes reading assignments, written assignments, a 40 day personal Sadhana and independent study.

You will develop the skills to instruct students in Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will practice teaching Kundalini Yoga in a practicum setting, participate in early morning sadhana (spiritual practice) and experience the powerful transformational energy of this ancient technology.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training